Simp PHILIP KARANJA responds to claims that he repossessed a BMW X3 car that he bought for KATE ACTRESS as a push gift and sold it after breaking up.


Monday, January 22, 2024 - Renowned film director and actor, Philip Karanja, has been the talk of social media after word got out that he repossessed a BMW X3 car that he had bought for his ex-wife Kate actress as a push gift.

It was alleged that Philip confessed it was a foolish decision to buy the expensive car for Kate, only to end up breaking up with her.

Phil has denied taking back the car after they parted ways.

He said they both agreed to sell the vehicle.

"Najua Udaku Hukuwa Tamu however wacheni fake stories."I acknowledge that the blogs are to be sold and you have had your fun. 

"I wish to officially document that the vehicle was sold with mutual consent and there are no disputes with Kate contrary to any portrayal suggesting otherwise," he wrote on his Instagram stories.

Phil made sure to tag Kate, indicating it was a joint statement.

The couple announced their break up last year.

Kate has since moved on and is currently dating Tribes Hotel General Manager Michael Mwangi.

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