SHUT UP!! – RUTO tells Mt Kenya leaders who are talking about 2027 and 2032 succession politics

Wednesday, January 24, 2024 -
President William Ruto has read the riot act to a section of Mt Kenya region leaders who have kick-started a debate on2027 and 2032 succession politics.

Addressing residents of Gilgil town on Tuesday, the President criticized the move saying it is an insult to Kenyans who elected them and instead asked them to focus on what Kenyans elected them to do.

The Head of State additionally stressed that leaders should put their focus on delivering on their assignments rather than take part in succession debates that add no value to the electorate.

He particularly pointed out that leaders allied to the Kenya Kwanza regime should be at the forefront of discharging their mandated roles, adding that they should step down any contestations for whichever positions present or future so that they can work as a team.

"Badala ya kufanya kazi tumerudi kupanga mambo ya siasa ya huko mbele. Mimi nataka niwaulize jameni all leaders, I want to tell all leaders it will be an insult to the people of Kenya that instead of delivering on their assignments given to us by the people of Kenya, we have a very cut-out assignment on matters of transformation of Kenya, how to create jobs, how to expand our food production and ensure that every citizen has access to universal health.”

"Let me ask all leaders that we focus our attention on the delivery of the assignment that was given to us by the people of Kenya, especially, leaders in Kenya Kwanza and UDA.”

“I want to ask them to step down any contestations for whatever positions present or future so that we can work together, focus on delivering to the people of Kenya and ensure that we keep our promise to the people of Kenya so that we can discharge our commitment and the people of Kenya can see us for who we are, leaders who are looking into the future,' Ruto said.

Further, the President urged young leaders to quit the rush for the top positions, and instead focus on the current roles Kenyans elected them to undertake.


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