SHOCK as it emerges that the man who murdered Pastor KANYARI’s sister might be a serial killer - A lady narrates how he almost killed her on December 29th after luring her into an Airbnb (VIDEO)

Sunday, December 7, 2023
- John Matara, the prime suspect in the murder of Pastor Kanyari’s sister, Starlet Wahu, is under investigation for being a serial killer.

Police believe that he might have committed murders both in and outside Nairobi.

This development comes after a lady revealed that he attempted to kill her after they met for a date in an Airbnb during the festive season.

Matara lured her through a dating site

He seemed nice but things went south in the middle of the night after he strangled her and demanded access to her M-Pesa statements.

He started beating her up and burnt her with a hot iron box.

 “I met this guy on a dating site…he seemed so nice and even took me to an AirBnB. In the middle of the night he started strangling me and even asked for my M-Pesa statements,” she said.

“He did bad things to me and asked for my accounts and asked me to transfer the money to him,” she added.

The victim, who requested to remain anonymous, identified Matara as the perpetrator after news of Starlet Wahu’s murder spread, confirming that the individual matched the person she encountered.

“It is the same guy…the number posted by DCI is the same guy I can testify that I used to transfer money to him which is John Ongoa Mtara,” the victim narrated.



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