He has served a jail term in Tanzania - Criminal history of JOHN MATARA, the man behind Pastor KANYARI’s sister’s brutal murder, unmasked

Sunday, January 7, 2024
- It is now emerging that John Matara, the prime suspect in the brutal murder of Pastor Kanyari’s sister, Starlet Wahu, is a notorious criminal.

Matara, widely known as ‘Monk’ or ‘Karaga’, was once jailed in Dar es Salaam.

After he was released, he returned to Kenya and presented himself as a grassroots human rights organizer assisting the community in graphic design - his trained field.

He continued with his criminal activities after returning to Kenya from Tanzania.

At one time, he robbed a community library where he used to borrow books.

His violent behaviours towards women are also known.

He is also a familiar name within the Rastafarian movement and grassroots human rights circles in Nairobi

Police believe he is a serial killer and might have committed murders in and out of Nairobi.

He lures ladies on dating sites and takes them to Airbnbs, where he steals from them.

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