See what rogue cops did to a youthful businessman in Nakuru - Is this the freedom that RUTO promised Kenyans? (Heartbreaking Video).

 Thursday, January 25, 2024 - A youthful businessman who runs a movie hall in Nakuru was filmed being harassed by rogue cops.

The cops stormed the hall when football fanatics were watching a live football match and started beating them.

The businessman showed the cops a license issued to him by the county government that allows him to operate his business and wondered why he was being harassed.

He further lamented that he took a loan of Ksh 200,000 to start the business, only for the police officers to frustrate him.

“I took a loan to start this business. 

"Where do you want me to go? 

"Do you want me to become a thief,” he posed and broke down into tears.

The defiant businessman told the officers that he was ready to be arrested and taken to court since he had not broken the law.

Watch the heartbreaking video.

 The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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