See what Chief Government Pathologist discovered after conducting an autopsy on RITA WAENI’s severed head - This lady died a painful death.

Thursday, January 25, 2024 - Chief Government Pathologist, Johansen Oduor, has revealed that slain University student Rita Waeni was strangled and later decapitated after conducting an autopsy on her severed head that was found dumped in a dam.

Speaking to the press on Thursday, January 25, after the conclusion of a postmortem examination at the City Mortuary, Oduor also revealed that a blunt object bruised Waeni’s scalp.

“The main findings were that the head had been chopped off from the neck at the level of C5 (vertebrae on the neck). There was bruising on the scalp caused by a blunt object. We also saw some fractures on bones,” Oduor said.

“I can comfortably conclude that the cause of death was strangulation after which she was decapitated and her body dumped,” he added.

Earlier on, Rita’s family positively identified the severed head found in Kiambaa Dam, Kiambu County, on Sunday.

The identification was based on the hair, forehead, and formation of her teeth.

Waeni was murdered at an Airbnb on TRM Drive, Roysambu, and her body was found dumped in the trashbin.

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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