RUTO suffers another blow days after meeting CJ KOOME as the court bars him from deploying police to Haiti just after suspending his Housing program – Look!

 Friday, January 26, 2024 – President William Ruto has suffered yet another humiliating blow.

Hours after the Court of Appeal suspended his Affordable Housing programme, the High Court also suspended the deployment of Police officers to Haiti.

The High Court of Nairobi declared the deployment of National Police Services (NPS) officers to Haiti as unconstitutional.

In a ruling issued by High Court Judge Chacha Mwita on Friday, the court noted that the National Security Council and NPS don't have powers to deploy police outside Kenya.

Mwita made the ruling following an application made by Thirdway Alliance Party leader Ekuru Aukot who wanted the court to block the deployment, stating that it was illegal. 

Aukot made the application in court after Parliament approved the deployment of 1,000 officers to the Caribbean nation.

Kenya had offered to lead a peacekeeping mission in Haiti over an upsurge in gang violence.

Ruto’s government had requested a whopping Sh94 billion from the UN and even finished training the police officers ready for deployment only for the court to rule otherwise.


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  1. Kwani wakati mbunge ilipitisha hawakujua hayo nasoma hapa?