Popular car dealer, KHALIF KAIRO, accused of breaking his former boss’s marriage - He was secretly taking photos of him cheating and sending them to his wife.

Friday, 19 January 2024 - Khalif Kairo, a popular Nairobi car dealer with a heavy social media presence, has been accused of betraying his former boss, Clement Kinuthia, by breaking his marriage.

Kairo was employed by Clement Kinuthia, a multi-million city car dealer, as a marketing manager in his company but they fell out in 2022.

Kairo resigned and started his own car yard along Kiambu Road.

According to popular blogger Rein Asamoh, Kairo betrayed his boss by sending photos of him cheating to his wife.

He would secretly take photos of his boss with different women whenever they hung out together and later blackmailed him.

“Hahaha @KhalifKairo. is indeed a woman. 

"So he was taking pictures and sending messages to wife of clement how he was cheating on her. 

"The wife divorced the husband. Men used to be men. 

"The truth will come out and folks will understand the “ car “ business,’’ wrote Asamoh.

Kairo’s lavish lifestyle has been raising eyebrows, with reports emerging that he is involved in money laundering.

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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