I found out that his ex-girlfriend took her own life - AKOTHEE narrates how she came to learn about OMOSH’s shocking secrets after getting married to him in a lavish wedding

Tuesday, January 9, 202 4
- Akothee has described her Swiss ex-husband, Denis Schwezier alias Omosh, as a serial liar.

Akothee’s children, specifically her eldest daughter, Vesha, had earlier figured out that Omosh was a liar and even warned her.

Vesha noted that Omosh was delusional and warned her mother.

However, she chose to ignore the red flags.

Omosh would reportedly manipulate Akothee and one time, he took control of her social media accounts.

After their lavish wedding and honeymoon, she came to learn that his ex-girlfriend had taken her own life in 2019.

“He was such a liar. So my children figured him out earlier.”

“So Vesha told me mum, your guy is delusional. This guy is delusional.”

“When he wanted to manipulate me, we got out of honeymoon and we came to Kenya then he went to Switzerland.”

“That’s when things unfolded. I learnt his girlfriend committed su**** in 2019,” Akothee said.

“When I asked him he gave excuses. He claimed he is not the problem and blamed the women he has dated in the past,” Akothee added.

Akothee parted ways with Omosh a few months after their lavish wedding which was attended by prominent figures among them Raila Odinga’s wife, Mama Ida.


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  1. What's all this lamenting of a fully grown woman about discovering bad things on her newly wed husband - with all the media frenzy, lavish wedding within months? Was she a teenager? Hasn't she learnt anything from her several failed marriages? What does she expect from us? Sympathy? No way, give us a break!!!!!!