How President RUTO survived a grisly accident in Meru County – God is faithful!

Tuesday, January 30, 2024 - Meru County Senator, Kathuri Murungi, has revealed how President William Ruto survived a grisly accident when he was touring Mt Kenya East region last week.

Political analysts claimed the head of state was on a mission to consolidate his support base amid disquiet in the region.

On Monday, Murungi recounted Ruto's harrowing experience while traversing the county.

The lawmaker revealed the president had a near-fatal accident after his car hit an imposing pothole in the middle of the road.

He explained that Ruto was lucky to be alive after the incident, arguing that had they been travelling downhill, then the vehicle would have flipped.

 "I felt so sorry for the president when I saw that his car had collided and its leg was torn. So, imagine if it had been downhill and had hit a leg, what would have happened to the head of state? That's the problem I'm asking about.

 It's fortunate that we were going uphill, so it hit and stopped there. But if we had been going downhill at the speed of the presidential motorcade, then we could be talking about other stories," he stated.

Murungi laid the blame squarely on the Kenya National Highways Authority (KenHa), questioning why they had failed to maintain the road yet they are funded well by the Treasury.



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