The Kenyan cab driver whose wife swept their house clean over the weekend breaks silence and reveals trouble started when he caught her cheating last year.

Tuesday, January 30, 2024 - Peter Muigai, a 32-year-old cab driver, was left in shock over the weekend after his 25-year-old wife swept their house clean.

Muigai said he met his wife in 2019 at a restaurant in Ruai and exchanged numbers.

They became friends and started dating.

He eventually married her and all was well until she gave birth.

He claims she became toxic after they welcomed their son.

Since our child was eight months old, she started being toxic, he explained.

Their marriage has been married with cheating allegations, leading to frequent domestic wrangles.

He narrated an event where a man called his wife, and when he inquired who he was, she refused to tell him.

Since that time, our marriage has never been the same,” he said.

Muigai said his wife left after a domestic dispute and returned last week.

On Saturday, January 28, she took all their household items and fled.

 My neighbour called me asking if we were moving out and I told him no,” he recalled.

 The caretaker thought my wife was helping a neighbour who was moving out. 

"She (wife) then texted me akaniambia amebeba vitu kwa nyumba akauze aanze life (and told me she had taken household items to sell so she could start a life). I thought it was a joke,” he added.

She left their son behind and fled with the household items.

When he returned home, he found only a bed and clothes scattered on the floor.

He called his wife and she told him that she was starting life elsewhere.

The heartbroken man said he will take time before getting into another relationship.

He also made it clear that he was done with his wife.

When I returned home in the evening, I only found the bed and clothes scattered on the floor. She left me with the child. I do not want anything to do with her again. I will take time before I get into another relationship,” he added.

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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