Horse bites Sky Sports presenter's head as he's left with bloody gash during horse racing event

Tuesday, January 30, 2024
 – Former Grand National winner turned horse racing journalist Mick Fitzgerald, 53, was left shaken when his forehead was bitten by an angry horse at Hereford.

The former jockey, who is one of the finest experts in his field, was helping Ben Jones climb onto his racehorse Ardmayle, but the animal grew irate. After resisting Jones, the horse turned to Fitzgerald and clenched its mouth onto the reporter's forehead.

Host Alex Hammond narrated the video footage of the painful moment, saying: "You can see the horse has a little bit of resistance and clocks Mick on the top of his head. If you're squeamish, look away, look away, because that is what happened.

"The horse's teeth have just caught the top of Mick's head. Thankfully the paramedic was there to check all was OK. But yes, Mick - teeth in the forehead… that's ruined your good looks!"

Fitzgerald was frazzled as he explained the bite to an on-site doctor, who dabbed at the gash in his forehead.

Watch below.

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