Here is SABINA CHEGE‘s message to all ‘token girls’’ selling themselves online like late WAHU and WAENI

 Wednesday, January 31, 2024 - Former Murang’a County Woman representative, Sabina Chege, has sent a message to Kenyan girls and women who have formed a habit of selling themselves online in exchange for money.

For the last five years, thousands of Kenyan girls have been selling themselves online and some of them have died in the line of duty like socialite, starlet Wahu, and JKUAT university student Rita Waeni.

Speaking on Tuesday, Sabina who is also a nominated Member of Parliament spoke on the increase of femicide cases in the country and blamed girls for the surge.

Sabina urged girls and women to lay their foundation without expecting a man to save them.

She particularly pointed out that young women should be mentored to accept that they can't start from the top, this she says is a start to reducing femicide in Kenya.

While appealing to women to hustle for their own money, Sabina expressed that more counseling centers and forums should be launched to educate women to reduce the prevalence of femicide witnessed recently.

"Counselling, mentorship and girls accepting that you can't start from the top is a start to reducing femicide cases. 

"What comes easy goes easy. 

"Girls need to know how to work hard. 

"There is no free money in this world.

" There is nothing that comes for free, the only thing that is free is air and it is given by God," she stated.

"Wake up, work hard, if you are in school, complete your school, look for a job, and don't expect that men will be giving you money, it will not happen," she added.


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