Good news to club bouncers as RUTO’s government says a Big Body will no longer be a requirement

Friday, January 12, 2024 - Private Security Regulatory Authority Director General, Fazul Mohamed, has urged club bouncers in the country that their body physique is no longer needed in their work.

Speaking on Friday when he met bouncers in Nairobi, Fazul said the lives of bouncers in the country had been horrible and needed to urgently change for the better.

“You will not need to wake up and rush to a gym, take enhancement pills to look big and fight to be successful. Times have changed and all you need is knowledge and skills to work,” he said.

“What is the role of a big body, it’s no longer about protein supplements, you must get knowledge and sit for an exam.

“We also do not want people who log in on Netflix and watch Prison Break to get inspiration and say they are security experts,"

Fazul said a typical bouncer has been waking up at about 11 am, rushes to a nearby gym or working area, and comes back for heavy breakfast cum lunch.

This is then followed by some supplements to enhance his body physique. Later in the day, he or she waits to be deployed to social joints for work which runs overnight.

“This goes on without even background information on who one is hiring or better pay,” he said.

As part of efforts to address the issue, all bouncers will be required to operate under cooperating entities as part of reforms being introduced in the sub-sector.


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