"God created only two genders" Former transwoman reverts to being a man after encounter with God

Friday, January 26, 2024
 – A man who was born a boy but transitioned into a woman has now gone back to being male after a spiritual encounter.

Jeffrey Johnson wrote on Facebook that he even got breast implants to complete his transitioning.

However, he said Jesus renewed his mind and healed him.

He wrote on Facebook: "When Jesus came and found me at the age of 41 living as transgender. His exact words to me were> Honey this isn't you this is what the devil has done to you. God created only two genders ( male and female ) I'm so grateful that Jesus has put me back in my right mind and has turned my life around for his glory.

"I was born a boy and will always be one. Thank you Jesus for what you've done in me.

"That's me on the left when I lived as transgender. Please excuse the breast. The breast implants have been gone now for 17 years, and I'm grateful.

"It feels great to be free from the mental torture that the devil put me through without Jesus in my life. Jesus is good at renewing a person's mind and healing them Within. Jesus is your first love, and he's always been in love with you.

Those of you that are living as transgender, Jesus is saying this to you. > Honey this isn't you, this is what the devil has done to you. Have an awesome day.

"Jesus will help anyone who wants his help. So don't ever hesitate to call upon the one who loves YOU the most."

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