Caught on CCTV: See how this man skillfully stole from an electronic shop in Nakuru (VIDEO)

Wednesday, January 24, 2024
- A business owner in Nakuru is counting losses after a thief came into his electronic shop disguised as a customer.

CCTV footage of the theft incident that happened in a busy business premise within Nakuru City has been shared on social media.

In the footage, the suspected thief is seen ordering some electronic gadgets from the shop and packing them in a carton.

He had a long list of the electronic gadgets which he pretended that he was intending to buy from the shop.

However, the shop attendant was not aware that the cunning thief was stealing some of the gadgets and putting them in a bag.

He left the attendant packing the gadgets in the carton and lied that he was going to withdraw money so that he can pay for the ordered items, only for him to vanish.

Watch the footage.


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