Standard Media Group interns terminated without pay as the once giant media station faces financial constraints

Saturday, July 6, 2024 - Standard Media Group has reportedly terminated the contracts of numerous interns under what insiders describe as coercive tactics employed by senior management and the Human Resources department.

According to multiple sources within the organization, this abrupt decision occurred on Friday morning and left interns without pay for several months.

Their termination came just a day after radio employees from Standard Media Group went on strike over unpaid salaries.

There is talk of a transformation committee which has been meeting daily throughout the month.

This committee, tasked with overseeing various aspects of organizational change, has been receiving full salaries and additional allowances, despite the financial struggles faced by the general workforce they supervise.

This has sparked even more outrage among employees who view the committee’s actions as hypocritical and unjust.

A particularly troubling aspect of this unfolding scenario is the involvement of Kiplagat Kwambai, colloquially known as "Ngombe Hamsini". Kwambai, a high-ranking official and member of the transformation committee, is accused of employing intimidating tactics against striking workers

His dual role as both a committee member and a figure of authority allegedly contributing to the hostile work environment has been a focal point of employee grievances.

On Thursday, July 4, Standard Media Group staff from Radio Maisha, Spice FM, Berur FM and Vybez Radio journalists walked out of their workstations and gathered at the staff cafeteria.

This followed subsequent prior admonitions to management that unless the outstanding salary arrears were expeditiously settled, they would be compelled to terminate broadcasting.

Cyprian Nyakundi

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