SHAME as RUTO praises police for killing protesters without sending condolences to the 40 Kenyans killed and thousands injured.

Friday, July 5, 2024 - President William Ruto has continued to show that he is out of touch with issues facing common mwananchi after he made a huge blunder on Thursday during a cabinet meeting he chaired.

For the past three weeks, the young generation has been demonstrating across major cities against the Finance Bill 2024, which has since been withdrawn. 

Over 40 innocent Kenyans have been killed by police and thousands injured.

During the cabinet meeting, Ruto thanked the police for killing innocent Kenyans without even sending condolences to those who were killed.

"The members commended security officers, pointing out that they, on the whole, acted professionally in very difficult circumstances. 

"The Cabinet also noted that security agencies did a good job of protecting the country from anarchists," a post-meeting dispatch from State House Nairobi partly read.

It was after a huge outcry from Kenyans that Ruto and his cronies released another dispatch in the evening saying they sent condolences to those killed during the anti-government protests.


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