RUTO turns to garbage in a desperate move to raise money after Gen Zs denied him billions through Finance Bill as he vows to jail or fine people – Look!

Tuesday, July 9, 2024 – You now risk being jailed or fined heavily for failing to separate waste at home.

This is after the Government of President William Ruto, through the National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA), began enforcing a law that mandates Kenyans separate their household waste into organic and non-organic waste bags.

NEMA issued a notice last year and a 90-day leeway which has now lapsed, kicking the law into action.

The government, therefore intends to ensure that Kenyans, going forward, adhere to the law, failure to which they would pay heavily, including a jail term or fine, which would help the government get the revenue it desperately needs after the rejection of the draconian Finance Bill 2024 following the protests by the Gen Zs.

According to NEMA, the segregated waste should be placed in properly labelled and colour-coded containers bins, and bags.

Waste service providers must collect, handle, and transport segregated waste without mixing it as the organic waste will be transported to material recovery facilities.

Additionally, NEMA noted that the ban on plastic garbage bags will also be enforced more rigorously effective July 8, with individuals and garbage collection companies required to use biodegradable bags.

County Governments and private and public organizations must also adhere to the regulations.

Additionally, county governments that provide waste management facilities must provide biodegradable trash bags.

Per the Sustainable Waste Management Act of 2022, any person who contravenes the specified law will be liable for a fine of Ksh20,000 or imprisonment of six months or both.


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