RUTO goes on a sacking spree as he fires all old guards from his Government without any mercy just to please the Gen Zs

Saturday July 6, 2024 - President William Ruto went on a sacking spree yesterday after he rendered old guards in his Government jobless.

Addressing the nation from State House, Ruto directed Government employees who have attained the age of sixty years and above to immediately proceed to retirement with immediate effect.

He ordered the said officers to vacate office without further extension of the deadline.

"Henceforth, public servants who attain the retirement age of 60 years shall be required to immediately proceed with retirement," Ruto directed.

"They are directed to do this with no extensions to their tenure of service," he added.

Ruto gave the order just to reduce the wage bill and also create employment for the young people.

The young people have been yearning for job opportunities that Ruto promised them which have not been forthcoming – this is one of the reasons why they decided to go to the streets besides the draconian Finance Bill.


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