Revenge as MPs plan to end bursaries to teach Gen Zs a bitter lesson for insulting and attacking them – Look! It may not end well

Tuesday, July 9, 2024 – The Gen Zs may have themselves to blame for attacking and insulting MPs.

This comes after MPs threatened to stop disbursing bursaries to students as a way to teach Gen Z a bitter lesson for challenging them.

This was revealed by Lurambi Member of Parliament Titus Khamala who claimed that the MPs were serious and had spoken in unison to stop disbursing bursaries to students. 

According to the ODM MP, the legislators received a lot of backlash on how they used the National Government Constituency Development Fund (NG-CDF).

In particular, he blamed Gen Z, claiming the younger generation went as far as terming them as MPigs in reference to their perceived gluttonous nature. 

“As MPs, we have spoken in one voice about CDF which is bringing us problems, we are being insulted and called MPigs,” he stated.

“To end it and to make Gen Z happy, the bursary that goes to Gen Z, we have said we end it.”

The MP claimed that only Gen Z benefitted from the bursaries and it was sad to see them biting the hand that fed them. 

He explained that going forward, students will be seeking the Minister of Education Ezekiel Machogu to help them clear school fees. 

Alternatively, they could visit their respective county offices or apply for a loan through the Higher Education Loans Board (HELB).

“Prepare yourselves with life without CDF,” he told the young people seeking accountability on how public funds are used. 


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  1. Education is mostly worthless anyways; John D. Rockefeller designed the modern education system to breed conforming sheep. You are taught to work hard until you die while unemployment rates are high. Basic education should teach practical skills such as agriculture and how to be self sustainable. School uniforms should be banned, individuality and creativity should be encouraged.