RAILA is not your leader; he is jut representing the interests of his people – SIFUNA dismisses Gen Zs yearning for BABA’s blood after going to bed with RUTO

Wednesday, July 10, 2024 - Nairobi Senator Edwin Sifuna has defended former Prime Minister Raila Odinga's decision to work with President William Ruto at the expense of the furious Gen Zs.

Raila is on the receiving end for urging the Gen Zs to agree to dialogue with President William Ruto to end political tension in the country.

However, in his defense, Sifuna revealed that Raila, who is politically referred to as Baba, did not meet the President as a representative of the protesters, a majority of whom are Gen Zs.

According to Sifuna, Raila represented Azimio and ODM which he led in his meeting with Ruto yesterday.

"Baba did not say he had gone to speak on behalf of Gen Z, they told him they are leaderless and reminded him that he is not their leader," Sifuna posed in an interview with The Standard.

"But for Baba, there are people he leads. So not everybody is leaderless or party-less. I have a party and I am its secretary general."

The Senator further argued that it was fair for the opposition leader to chart his dialogue with the government especially since he had been excluded from a space Ruto held with the youth on Friday last week.

"We have a stake in the country and we cannot just stay silent as things continue to happen. What we are saying is that tyranny is wrong," he added.

"They did their X Space with the President, did you see Sifuna or Raila there? So, if Raila goes for talks, he is a leader and the leaders want to talk too."


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