OTIENO (Pictured) arrested for leading armed goons that stormed Bondo Police Station, attacked police officers and injured them - One of the cops is fighting for his life in hospital.

Wednesday, July 3, 2024 - A Manhunt is underway for goons who yesterday invaded Bondo Police Station while armed with crude weapons, including stones and catapults, slings, petrol bombs, and other concealed weapons, seriously injuring several police officers and maliciously destroying property.

 Already, one of the suspects (Sostine Otieno) captured in a phone recording attacking a police officer and leaving him sprawled on the tarmac before robbing him of his anti-riot gun (launcher) has been arrested and the gun recovered, as a pursuit for his accomplices who have since been identified heightens.

Meanwhile, the officer whose life was saved by good Samaritans is admitted in critical condition at a Bondo hospital.

Most of the other officers and members of the public who were also injured in the attack have been discharged.

The Kenyan DAILY POST.


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