Not letting up as Gen Zs demand this from RUTO before forgiving him – He should grab the opportunity ASAP or else…

Tuesday, July 9, 2024 - After weeks of protests against the government, the Gen Zs have listed some demands to President William Ruto before they can forgive him.

Yesterday, Gen Z youth allied to the Green Thinking Action Party (GTAP), penned an elaborate accountability checklist they expect Ruto to fulfil before things go back to normal.

At the top of the expectations, the youth led by the party's 31-year-old James Koech noted that they were looking forward to President William Ruto reshuffling his Cabinet.

For months now, the public accused some members of the Cabinet of either underperforming or engaging in corrupt dealings.

They also complained that at 21 CSs, Ruto's Cabinet was bloated and needed trimming, preferably to 15 heads.

The Gen Zs further advised the Head of State to revise controversial policies, implement advanced transparency mechanisms, and initiate genuine national dialogues.

They also challenged the top office to strengthen judicial independence and institutional reforms, launch targeted economic reforms, establish public accountability initiatives, and promote cultural change within the government.

And that was not all, the Gen Zs demanded the President to establish a transparent online portal for real-time government budget and expenditure tracking as well as hold bi-annual public accountability forums in each county.

Other key expectations include; increasing allocations for public healthcare and education by at least 15%, initiating a recruitment drive for an additional 10,000 teachers and healthcare professionals, and reducing salaries of high-earning government officials by 20%.

Gen Zs also expects the government to form a commission to investigate economic disparities, reinstate the national school feeding program, and implement budget cuts to reduce non-essential government spending by 30%.


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