Ministry of Sports Permanent Secretary, PETER KIPLAGAT, exposed by an insider - We don’t have a country (READ).

Tuesday, July 9, 2024 - A disgruntled staff at the Ministry of Sports has exposed corruption in the crucial docket masterminded by the Permanent Secretary Peter Kiplagat Tum.

Below is the message that he wrote to Cyprian Nyakundi.

Bwana Nyakundi, please protect my identity. You are doing a good job on accountability, only that you are forgetting Permanent Secretaries who handle money in ministries.

 These PSs continue to harass us and are rotten to the core. The Permanent Secretary of Sports is really frustrating federations.

 We don’t get our money unless we give him a cut beforehand. This is the same tactic he used at the Ministry of Health. The man is corrupt. His henchmen are not even government-employed; a lady called June and a guy called Ngarua.

When we follow up on our funds at his office, we are chased away like we have the plague. No one is allowed to enter his office, yet it is a public office. Only when you give the henchmen money can you get an appointment.

Federations are suffering and we are told that he is very powerful, there is nothing we can do. He approves our money last minute when games in foreign lands have already begun, affecting the performance of our team. I have collected evidence, and the EACC has refused to act.

 He delays submitting our funding requests to the Sports Fund on purpose. He is intentionally killing sports in Kenya. Also, he does this to suppliers. Ask how many suppliers have been paid under his watch? Zero, only his son-in-law gets paid on time.

I call on all federations not to be afraid to protect their rights. In fact, Ngarua and June are not government servants, yet they access confidential documents and are paid per diem to travel. Ngarua has traveled ten times, even in June. More to come.

When the PS is told that he is in the wrong, he gets upset and fires people, especially if you are Luo. He fired his PA Felix and a man called Kimoko for telling him to stop frustrating suppliers and federations.

People are scared of him and cannot tell him no. I have shared all this evidence with the police. They are killing sports federations. They must be stopped, even if they are powerful.

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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