Moribund NCIC and DCI should summon MP FARAH MAALIM for saying he would have slaughtered 5000 Gen Z protestors.

Tuesday, July 9, 2024 - Daadab Member of Parliament, Farah Maalim, has shocked Kenyans after he claimed that he would have slaughtered 5000 Gen Z protestors if he were President William Ruto.

In an undated video, the uncouth MP, speaking in Somali, claimed that the young people who took the streets were from wealthy backgrounds and were dropped off in the capital with the sole purpose of causing mayhem.

He also said 80 percent of those who were protesting came from the Kikuyu community and vowed to decimate them like termites if he were the President.

"This was an attempted coup, a clear attempted coup. 

"Children of wealthy business owners, wealthy parents, and kids raised on ill-gotten wealth, 80% from one tribe were dropped off in downtown and told to riot and take over State House and Parliament buildings," Maalim said

"God forbid if I was president I would have slaughtered them, 5,000 of them daily. Serious, there is no two ways about it," Maalim added.


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