Marital Woes: Bumula MP JACK WAMBOKA’s Kikuyu wife, CHRISTINE NYAMBURA, claims her life is in danger and shares a video of goons that the MP sent to torch her luxurious vehicle.

Monday, July 8, 2024- Bumula MP Jack Wamboka's wife, Christine Nyambura, is reportedly living in fear after he reportedly sent goons to torch her vehicle.

Nyambura shared a video of the alleged hired goons surrounding her vehicle and claimed that they had been sent by her husband.

Wamboka’s bodyguard, Amos, came with the goons and it is alleged that they had been instructed to torch her luxurious vehicle.

In the video, Wamboka’s wife is heard asking the goons why they are surrounding her vehicle.

‘’Mbona mnazunguka gari yangu,” she asks.

One of the goons fast approaches her and tries to snatch her phone which she was using to record the incident.

She instructed her driver to speed off and reported the incident at a nearby police station.

Watch video.

The Kenyan DAILY POST.


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