Kisii Senator RICHARD ONYONKA now reveals why RUTO’s government must go! Look! No wonder Gen Zs are furious


Wednesday, July 3, 2024 - Kisii Senator Richard Onyonka has revealed why President William Ruto’s government must go.

Speaking during a talk show, Onyonka pointed to systemic flaws and practices that have plagued Ruto’s government.

According to the Kisii Senator, the spirit of rewarding people who played a huge role in the campaign was costing the Kenya Kwanza administration a great deal.

"Every cabinet minister in this regime is someone who invested in the presidency of Ruto," Onyonka claimed without substantiating his claims.

"It didn't matter what their character was or their past," Onyonka said in reference to appointees who had secured plum jobs in the government.

The Senator's remarks highlight a longstanding tradition in Kenyan politics where key government positions are often allocated based on loyalty rather than merit and integrity. 

According to Onyonka, this practice has created an environment where corruption and self-interest thrive at the expense of effective governance and national development.

"That is how our country has been running for the last 50 years and if we don't change that infrastructure, Kenya cannot move," the Senator said

His comments came at a time when a section of Kenyans has questioned the competence of some cabinet secretaries and senior government officials and their ability to deliver their mandate.


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