Kamba lady (Pictured) taken to court after stabbing her Mpango Wa Kando’s wife in the head in Embakasi - She stormed their matrimonial home uninvited.

Tuesday, July 9, 2024 - Jennifer Adhiambo recounted a harrowing ordeal during a court hearing on Monday where she detailed being attacked and stabbed in the head by Veronica Mueni in their Pipeline home in Embakasi on June 25.

Adhiambo, who had just finished hosting relatives, went out briefly to buy vegetables for lunch when Mueni entered uninvited, armed with a padlock and a kitchen knife tucked in her waist.

 Claiming to be her husband's main wife, Mueni demanded to cook for the guests.

Adhiambo's attempts to reason were met with aggression which culminated in a violent confrontation where Mueni allegedly stabbed her in the head.

Adhiambo's 12-year-old daughter intervened, striking Mueni with a gas cylinder grill, prompting her to flee.

Neighbors alerted by the commotion found Adhiambo injured and rushed her to the hospital.

Mueni denied assaulting Adhiambo and was released on a cash bail of Ksh 5,000 or alternatively pay a bond of Ksh 50,000.

The matter will be heard in November.

The Kenyan DAILY POST.


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