Kaa Ngumu! Rift Valley MPs tell RUTO as they accuse their colleagues of planning a civilian coup using the Gen Zs

Friday, July 5, 2024 – A section of Rift Valley politicians now claim some unnamed people in government are planning a civilian coup against President William Ruto using the Gen Zs.

Speaking on different occasions, the Rift Valley MPs defended President William Ruto for his stance, adding that the protests would not sway him.

Mogotio MP Reuben Kiborek accused some people masquerading as protestors of attempting a civilian coup to oust the President.

He argued that this group of rowdy Kenyans was planning to 'take over power' through the back door.

"These crooks wanted to do some civilian coup, they can and hijacked a genuine course and made it violent," the MP stated.

Kiborek emphasised that William Ruto was lawfully elected by the people, adding that any plan to go against the will of the people shall fail.

On the other hand, William Kamket, Tiaty MP, accused some politicians of using young Kenyans to oppose Ruto due to some prior disagreement.

Kamket revealed that some leaders from the region allegedly advised Ruto to support the Finance Bill 2024 a while longer to know who was on his side.

"There are some leaders who oppose the president and are going behind his back through the demonstrations. 

"They are using our children to pretend they support the protests," he stated.

Nonetheless, the two politicians praised young Kenyans for their courage to defend what's right through the peaceful protests that were infiltrated by goons backed by politicians.


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