Is RUTO using Speaker KINGI to frustrate OKIYA OMTATAH? See what is happening to him now after Gen Zs endorsed him for President in 2027?

Thursday, July 11, 2024 - Busia Senator Okiya Omtatah has lamented that he was being denied the opportunity to contribute to the Senate. 

This comes after the Gen Zs endorsed him to challenge William Ruto for the presidency come 2027 just to reward him for his struggle for a better Kenya.

In a statement, Omtatah revealed that he had been denied a chance to contribute to the State of the Nation motion that was being discussed on the floor of the House. 

The first-term lawmaker explained that this was not the first time he had been sidelined in Parliament.

“I was denied an opportunity to speak to the State of the Nation motion currently being debated in the Senate about demonstrations in Kenya,” the activist-turned-legislator stated. 

He added that since last week Wednesday, he had been requesting the microphone with no success.

The Senators had tabled the motion to discuss the anti-government demonstrations by the Gen Zs that have rocked many parts of the country. 

Omtatah has been a vocal supporter of Gen Zs who have been opposing government policies and calling for Ruto’s resignation. 

Notably, he was the only high-ranking politician to attend a Gen Zs concert on Sunday at Uhuru Park which honoured Kenyans who had lost their lives during protests.

Additionally, he has been a main figure at X Spaces where Gen Zs and other Kenyans discuss the State of the Nation under President William Ruto’s administration.


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