Here is the no-nonsense man Gen Z wants as their President – RUTO, UHURU, RAILA ODINGA and their cronies should start running to exile

Tuesday, July 2, 2024 Firebrand lawyer and barrister Miguna Miguna is one of the few Kenyans commanding the attention of the young generation, known as Gen Z, who are currently protesting nationwide, demanding President William Ruto and his government resign.

This has been repeatedly witnessed as young Kenyans join Miguna Miguna on Twitter Spaces, where they discuss and consult him about pertinent issues affecting the country.

Miguna has also been mobilising Kenyans on X, urging them to turn up for the protests and send Ruto and his government home.

“Zakayo, @WilliamsRuto, will you be doing that from Kamiti Maximum Prison, or from self-exile in Dubai? 

"We are not allowing you near our institutions. 

"You are going home this week. #RutoMustGoNow,” Miguna wrote on his X on Tuesday morning before countrywide demos erupted across the country.

Miguna, 62, is an Osgoode law schooler and he once served as former Prime Minister Raila Odinga's advisor.

He has been detained severally and during former President Uhuru Kenyatta's regime, he was forced into exile for five years and returned to the country when Ruto took over in 2022.

However, Miguna has said Ruto has failed Kenyans by leading the government of thugs and conmen.


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