Gen Zs are on their own as volunteer medics withdraw from protests – Look! RUTO is winning folks

Thursday, July 4, 2024 – Gen Zs are on their own if they go on the streets to demonstrate against President William Ruto and his government.

This is after volunteer medics withdrew from the protests, citing their safety concerns after Tuesday's demos which turned violent after paid goons infiltrated the peaceful protests.

The volunteer medics, who have been providing free aid to injured protestors, vowed never to return to the streets again.

The group, Medics for Kenya, was formed by a coalition of doctors, nurses, clinical officers, psychologists, nutritionists, paramedics, interns, and students across the nation during the anti-Finance Bill protests that have now entered their third week.

In a statement released online, the group cited increasing violence and the safety of their volunteers as the primary reasons for their decision to halt services.

The protests have morphed into an anti-government movement, becoming more violent by the day. 

The withdrawal of Medics for Kenya's aid services came just hours after protests in Nairobi and other parts of the country turned chaotic.


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