BIDEN interviewer says White House fed her questions and the U.S President still made gaffes

Sunday, July 07, 2024 - President Joe Biden made several perplexing statements during a recent radio interview, raising additional concerns among Democrats.

These concerns are heightened because the interviewer disclosed that Biden had received the questions in advance.

Andrea Lawful-Sanders, the host of "The Source" on WURD, appeared on CNN Saturday morning following her interview with Biden earlier in the weekend. The interview has gone viral due to Biden's jumbled responses. Lawful Sanders' remarks have only intensified the scrutiny surrounding the president's performance.

In the interview, Biden mixed up his words multiple times, including a moment where he mistakenly referred to himself as the "first Black woman to serve with a Black president." This gaffe is particularly concerning for Democrats who are still recovering from his poor debate performance last week.

Lawful-Sanders noted that she found the situation especially troubling since the White House had provided her with questions to ask Biden, yet he still struggled with his responses.

The New York Post reported a discrepancy, with a Biden campaign spokesperson claiming that while they provided talking points, they did not supply the exact questions, leading to a "she said, they said" scenario.

Biden's recent slip-ups have added to the growing chorus of concerns about his competency. Figures ranging from former Congressman Tim Ryan to renowned journalist Carl Bernstein have expressed alarm over Biden's mental acuity, highlighting the increasing scrutiny the president faces.

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