White man who recently visited West Africa reveals people living there are living better than those in the Western World (VIDEO)

Friday, June 21, 2024 - An American man who recently visited West Africa has said that people in the part of the world, are starting to live better lives than those in America, and he gave reasons.

The man, who is a real estate investment adviser, explained that it is better to be doing well in Africa than to be doing well in America.

He said those who are well-to-do in Africa enjoy a better quality of life and own things in their name.

On the other hand, those in America who seem to be doing well are drowning in debt and most of the things they own have not been fully paid for.

He said it felt like a culture shock when he returned to America after visiting Africa.

"If you're doing really well in your life, it is better to be doing really well in Africa than it is to be in America," he said.

He said that rich people in Africa are a lot more relaxed, generous, and can take time off work for leisure.

However, the rich people in America can't because once they do, the bills pile up.

He said, "It shows kind of why I feel West Africa is the future because here people are putting up an appearance of being rich, well-to-do, but it's fueled by debt and it's fueled by them working two jobs.

"Your husband and wife are both working high-paying jobs, 50 hours a week each and doing all of that just to create this facade.

"Whereas in West Africa, once these guys have made it, they're living good lives, they're having that balance of life, and they're not killing themselves."

Watch the video below.

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