We must pay taxes to avoid relying on foreign states – Corrupt CS MITHIKA LINTURI says

Tuesday, June 4, 2024 - Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Mithika Linturi has asked Kenyans to be patriotic in paying taxes to avoid relying on foreign states.

Speaking on Tuesday in Meru, Linturi said that neglecting tax obligations leaves the nation with little choice but to seek assistance from developed countries to meet food needs.

Linturi said as Agriculture CS, he has been forced to beg for food, especially in India and Italy where he has been told no.

“When I go begging in Italy and India for rice and other things and I am told we are sorry we cannot give you because our country requires rice and since we do not have enough, you go back home. 

"When you go back home there is nothing you're taking home people become very helpless. Please spare me that shame,” Linturi stated.

“Let me ask, we gave you money in the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, how did you spend it? That is the question I would like to entertain and not whether you will pay taxes or not,” he added.

The CS stressed that with collective tax compliance, the nation can establish sustainable rice projects to meet local demand effectively.

Linturi underscores recent successes in maize production, attributing them to domestic efforts rather than external aid.’

 “I am happy to report that the country right now has enough maize for itself we are producing enough maize for ourselves. 

"We have been producing maize for one and a half years and that is something to be proud of we have increased our milk production and many other areas,” he noted.


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