Kenya Kwanza Alliance MP vows to shoot down Finance Bill 2024 as he warns RUTO of a Revolution if the bill sails through.


Tuesday, June 4, 2024 - An outspoken Kenya Kwanza Alliance Member of Parliament has vowed to shoot down the Finance Bill 2024, terming it a retrogressive bill that is aimed at punishing Kenya’s middle class.

Appearing in an interview on Citizen TV on Tuesday, Ugenya MP David Ochieng said if the bill is passed, it will have a big impact on Kenya’s growing middle class.

Ochieng revealed that he wouldn't even try amending the Bill when it's in parliament as he would vote against it in its entirety.

"He's going to hit at the core the middle class and we are courting a revolution, You cannot tax, our pay slips to the skin. 

"I've told you on this matter of the finance bill me vote against it. totally, I will not even pick and choose," Ochieng said.

The MP stated that he had hoped the government would give Finance Act 2023 time to achieve anything before making a change.

"I just wanted to say first of all that for me I would I'd imagine that this year will not have a finance bill. 

"We didn't need one after all we went through last year. We would have just said this year, we are not doing a finance bill; we'll try to implement what we passed last year through this very difficult situation," the MP stated.

The lawmaker further stated the unpredictability of Kenya's taxation policy was scaring away potential investors.

"If you keep changing it every year and don't give room for it to mature, then people investing here will not come because they don't watch what we're going to bring up next year," he said.


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  1. Shoot it down!

    The citizens of kenya should lynch any mpig that will vote for the satanic 2024/2025 financial bill.

    This is the way forward in addressing this issues of this proboscis monkey table banking regime of no use to anyone but the devil itself.

    Lynching is the only way!