We have damaging files on RIGATHI GACHAGUA - Intelligence chief NOORDIN HAJI speaks after violent protests

Friday, June 28, 2024 – The Director-General of National Intelligence Service (NIS), Noordin Haji, has stated that the agency possesses incriminating information on Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua.

This follows Gachagua's call for Haji’s resignation after violent anti-tax protests in Kenya resulted in at least 23 deaths and numerous injuries.

The Deputy President accused Haji of failing to inform President William Ruto about the severity of the protests, which could have prompted an appropriate response. Gachagua also claimed that Haji was undermining competent officers in the NIS and replacing them with cronies, thereby compromising intelligence operations.

In response, Haji criticized Gachagua for attempting to tarnish his reputation, asserting that his primary responsibility is to report directly to President Ruto. Haji suggested that Gachagua's interest in the NIS files is driven by concerns over his own misconduct being exposed.

He said;

“The DP’s actions and words suggest that he has a personal interest in the intelligence briefs revolving around the protests. Could it be that he is worried that the NIS may have pinned responsibility at his doorstep?

“The DP is still bitter that many of his tribesmen who were serving in the NIS but sabotaging H.E. President William Ruto were removed from the service.

“It can only mean that the DP’s desire is to sabotage the President in the hope that if the President falls, he can benefit from it.”

Haji warned that the NIS has “files and extensive information” about Gachagua that are damaging but which are under wraps.

“We invite him to shed off the DP tag so that this service can show him what a personal fight looks like,” the NIS chief said. Haji also said that the NIS is committed to professionalism and integrity, adding that the service will not tailor its intelligence to fit into Gachagua’s “power-hungry designs”.

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