UDA Sec. Gen. CLEOPHAS MALALAH now reveals why he moves around with full trappings of power and a national flag mounted on his car like a CS

Saturday, June 1, 2024 - UDA Party Secretary General Cleophas Malalah has defended his move to fly the official national flag in his vehicle like Cabinet Secretaries.

Speaking during an interview yesterday, Malalah said he sits in the Cabinet as an advisor to President William Ruto. 

He explained that he advises the President on implementing the Kenya Kwanza manifesto.

“The President, in his wisdom, said that he would like to have an advisor in the cabinet to oversee issues related to the party's manifesto. 

"The party is the one that formed the government; without the party, there is no government. 

"Therefore, the President told me to sit in the cabinet and advise him whether our political agenda is being implemented and executed properly,” Malalah explained.

Malalah noted that he was sworn in to sit in the Cabinet after President Ruto issued a directive for him to oversee the implementation of the Kenya Kwanza manifesto.

Besides, he noted that there is a thin line between the UDA party and the government.

"There is a very thin line between the party and the government because if you go to the State House, you will find the Kenyan flag being lowered at six pm, but the UDA flag is not lowered until the day we leave that place,” Malalah added.

In June 2023, the Cabinet cleared Malalah alongside the Chairperson of Council of Economic Advisors David Ndii, National Security Advisor Monica Juma, and the Advisor on Women Rights Harriette Chiggai to be attending the Cabinet meetings.


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