Trouble for RUTO as Haiti expresses fear on the conduct of Kenyan police after they brutalized peaceful demonstrators against Finance Bill – Look!

Friday, June 21, 2024 - A Haitian human rights group identified as the Movement Unforgettable Dessalines Jean Jacques (MUDJJ) has expressed fears about the conduct of Kenyan police officers.

The letter that was sent to the United Nations Human Rights Council and copied to the Thirdway Alliance Party leader Aukot, Amnesty International, and the African Union, highlighted the behaviour of police officers who repulsed protesters in the Nairobi CBD during anti-Finance Bill 2024 demos. 

The movement highlighted the harassment of journalists, arrest of some protesters, and use of excessive force to ensure order in Nairobi.

"The Movement Unforgettable Dessalines Jean Jacques (MUDJJ), write to express our profound concern regarding recent actions perpetrated by the Kenyan police against its own citizens." 

"We have observed with dismay the harassment of journalists while performing their duties, the use of teargas against peaceful protesters, and the arrest of activists such as Hanifa Farsafi, who were exercising their rights in response to the financial bill of 2024 imposed by President Ruto," the Haitian interest group said.

Their complaints came in the backdrop of a plan by President William Ruto's government to deploy police officers to the gang-ridden Caribbean country.

MUDJJ explained that the behaviour of the officers was just a preamble to what would happen in Haiti once they began the controversial mission miles away.

"Our concern extends beyond the borders of Kenya, as we are deeply troubled by the potential implications this behavior may have on the people of Haiti."

"The current democratic government of the United States has approved, and the United Nations Security Council has backed, the deployment of a multinational security support (MSS) force in Haiti. Given the recent examples of police brutality in Kenya, we fear that similar oppressive tactics could be employed against the Haitian people," the leader signed by the movement's President Eliphete Joseph said.

The movement stated that the Haitian people, like all people, deserve to live in freedom and dignity and demanded immediate attention and action be taken to ensure that the rights of the Haitian people are respected and protected.


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