Strathmore senior lecturer Dr. JIM McFIE says Kenya will become another HAITI if Finance Bill 2024 is passed.

Friday, June 14, 2024 - A senior Strathmore University lecturer, Dr Jim McFie, has said Kenya will become another Haiti if the Finance Bill 2024 is passed.

Finance Bill 2024 was prepared by the Treasury led by incompetent CS Prof. Njuguna Ndungu, and his Principal Secretary, Dr. Chris Kiptoo.

The bill, according to economists and political analysts, will cripple the economy and Dr. Jim McFie agrees.

During an interview with Spice FM, McFie said if the Bill is passed, it will overburden Kenyans who are already suffering and there will be a rebellion.

The lecturer said the rebellion will lead to criminal gangs like what is happening in Haiti and the country will be ungovernable.

McFie spoke as Auditor General Nancy Gathungu criticized the Finance Bill 2024, calling it unrealistic and burdensome for Kenyans still suffering from the impacts of the 2023 Finance Bill, which led to many business closures.


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  1. Let the KK Govt be told that man is only patient as long as there's hope. When he loses hope, he becomes revolutionary, and that is most Kenyans are headed!