See what lawyers PAUL MUITE and GITOBU IMANYARA have told RUTO and his police goons – Mene Mene Tekel!!

Monday, June 24, 2024 - Second liberation heroes have started speaking about the ongoing protests by the young people in the country who are against the punitive, retrogressive, and uncouth Finance Bill 2024.

Over the past week, young people have been taking to the streets in various cities, protesting against the bill that would raise taxes on essential commodities.

Rather than respecting the constitution, Ruto has instructed poorly paid police officers to abduct the Gen Z leaders who are demonstrating.

Several youths, including Billy Simani, Ashad Khalif, and even Dr. Austin Omondi, were abducted by rogue police officers allegedly acting under instructions from the Presidency.

Commenting on social media, Muite, a respected lawyer, stated that it is unconstitutional for the police to abduct Kenyans.

“Police, stop ABDUCTING people especially at night like you're criminal thugs. Arrest them in broad daylight & comply with Article 49 of the Constitution, Rights of an arrested person,” Muite wrote on his X platform.

On his part, Imanyara expressed support for the ongoing Gen Z protests and urged the police to respect the 2010 constitution and stop behaving like goons.

“Respect the Constitution, stop the abductions. Release Kiprono,” Imanyara wrote on social media.


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