See what GEN Z protesters are telling the police when asked who is sponsoring the demos – RUTO should be very worried because this person is a GHOST!!

Sunday, June 23, 2024 For the past two days, the National Police Service has conducted swoops and raids in various Nairobi estates, attempting to arrest the organizers of this week's anti-Finance Bill 2024 protests, which have shocked the presidency to the core.

Some social influencers, led by content creator Billy Simani, popularly known as "Crazy Nairobian," have been arrested and questioned about the organizers of the demonstrations that have left the government rudderless and exposed.

Other social media users and bloggers have been threatened by rogue police officers demanding they name their sponsors.

But many of them are telling the police that the demos are organized by the late billionaire, Jacob Juma.

Juma was assassinated in May 2016 and senior government officials were linked to his death.

Juma had been involved in several high-profile legal cases against the government over failed business deals.

Before his death, he had warned that there was a plot to kill him and even named a senior government official who wanted to send him to his maker.


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