See the hefty bribe that the Kasarani cop was demanding before IAN NJOROGE gave him a dog’s beating

Wednesday, June 5, 2024 The mother of a 19-year-old boy, who was arrested on Monday for assaulting a Kasarani-based police officer, has spoken about the incident that led to her son being charged with assault and robbery with violence.

Ruth Nyambura, who is the mother of Ian Njoroge, has said her son beat Corporal Jacob Ogendo after he demanded a bribe of Sh 10,000.

The boy, however, said he could try to raise Ksh.5,000 through his friends but the officer was having none of it, thereby agitating him further and leading to the physical confrontation that ensued and which was captured on camera.

“I was surprised because I have brought my son in a Christian way. 

"He is a boy who has gone to good schools, has grown with manners, is God-fearing, obedient, very polite at home…I have never seen him agitated. 

"Something must have happened to that boy,” Nyambura said.

“I asked him why, and he told me he wanted to bring the car back home before the time for going to church, and on his way he met the policeman. 

"He indeed made a U-turn, the policeman said he wanted Ksh.10,000, and he told him he couldn’t raise that because he’s a student and that was his mother’s car. He told him he could raise Ksh.5,000, but the policeman refused.”

She stated that she was only made aware of the incident when she went back home that fateful evening and found police cars at her gate.

When she went inside the house, Nyambura said she found police officers physically manhandling her son.


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  1. The woman defending her son is going to regret in future. The so-called 10,000/- bribe is just a cover-up.