SEAN KINGSTON released from jail after arrest and extradition

Wednesday, June 5, 2024 - Singer Sean Kingston who was arrested and extradited days ago, has been released from jail after posting a $100k bail.

He was released on a $100K bond on Wednesday, June 5, in Broward County with special conditions which is, surrendering his passport and any firearms to officials. His mortgage collateral will also be filed in public records within 10 days.

The "Beautiful Girls" singer announced his newfound freedom on social media, thanking God, his family, friends, extensive legal team and his fans for supporting him throughout the ordeal. He also got reassurance from his mother, who is charged in the case as well.

Recall that prosecutors are alleging that Sean and his mother, Janice Turner swindled several businesses out of hundreds of thousands of dollars, including a Cadillac car dealer, a high-end furniture store, and even a jeweler.

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