RUTO now hires Pastors to help him in the dangerous Haiti mission following the zoom meeting with the dreaded gang leader BARBECUE

Thursday, June 6, 2024 – President William Ruto has turned to pastors to guide him on the dangerous mission of restoring peace in the troubled Haiti nation.

Ruto has already contacted evangelical pastors as he attempts to figure out a lasting solution to the war in the Caribbean nation.

According to reports, before enrolling the evangelists, Ruto consulted political advisers, security officials, and foreign leaders about the high-profile anti-gang mission.

He then held a meeting with the preachers who would acts as conduit between him and the Haitian communities.

The pastors enrolled in the mission have held meetings with Haitians in the United States, fellow preachers, and even US government officials.

The preachers also went ahead to hold a Zoom meeting with Haiti's most dreaded gang Leader Jimmy Chérizier, nicknamed Barbecue.

According to one of the preachers who spoke to Barbecue, despite the gang leader being an evil man, there was a possibility of transformation that could mean a step toward ending the violence.

"We believe that we are a tool that God will use to help," commented one of the pastors while referencing the imminent mission.

Sources privy to the information noted that the good relationships with Haitian communities will help the Kenyan-led multinational force avoid the mistakes made by other forces in the previous missions.

"The more you're connected to the population, the more you can format the kind of intervention you're going to lead," noted another pastor.

The pastors claim that the Haitian problems were more spiritual than just physical battles thereby requiring spiritual leaders to intervene.


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