RUTO ‘forces’ the sick Haiti PM GARRY CORNILLE to form new govt in a hurry as he readies to deploy Kenyan troops in 2 weeks

Tuesday, June 11, 2024 - Haiti Prime Minister Garry Conille has revealed that he intends to set up a new government one week after being discharged from the hospital in readiness to receive the Kenyan police officers.

This follows President William Ruto's announcement that he will deploy Kenyan troops to the troubled Caribbean nation in two weeks.

Conille, who is holding the position in an interim capacity, was rushed to the hospital on Saturday after suffering an asthma attack.

Speaking in a video on Sunday, the PM noted that he was feeling fine and was determined to restore peace in the Caribbean country so that its citizens can access health services.

"The whole time I was at the hospital, I was thinking of something: People who need to go to the general hospital can’t get there (due to widespread violence). People who need health care can’t afford it," he stated.

“I hope that by early next week, we can have a government in place. I am doing everything we can so we can get out of this crisis.”

This comes as reports indicated that three police officers were killed on Sunday as gang violence continues to afflict the country, especially its capital, Port-au-Prince.

Synopha, a police union in Haiti, further noted that one police officer is still missing while over 60 per cent of hospitals were shut down due to the violence.


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