RAILA ODINGA appreciates a ‘GEN Z’ lady who urged him to stay at home during the Tuesday demos in Nairobi‘s CBD

Wednesday, June 19, 2024 Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga celebrated a young Gen Z girl who asked him on Tuesday to stay away from the Occupy Parliament protests.

The young woman, who had joined other Kenyans at the Nairobi CBD for the Occupy Parliament protest, urged the opposition leader to relax.

The woman acknowledged Raila's efforts in leading nationwide demonstrations to advocate for Kenyans' rights over the recent years.

“We saw everything you did for Kenya; now let us. We miss you, but Agwambo, please don't even come outside," she said.

She asserted that she and her fellow young people will demonstrate for Kenyans' rights on his behalf.

In response, Raila expressed his gratitude on his X account (formerly Twitter) to the young lady and all Kenyans who demonstrated against the Finance Bill 2024.

He stated that seeing the young girl and other Kenyans fight for their rights makes him a proud father.

" I am a proud father today. Hongera sana to the young lady and all those who bravely stood up for their rights!" Raila's statement read.


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