Popular Kikuyu preacher HARRISON NGANGA leaves Kenyans stranded in Jordan after charging them Ksh 262,000 for a tour of Israel (PHOTOs).

Monday, June 10, 2024 - A group of Kenyans stranded in Jordan are seeking compensation and a return ticket back home after they were abandoned in a hotel by Bishop Harrison Nganga of Christian Foundation Fellowship(CFF) church, who had promised to take them on an Israel Tour after paying USD 2,000(Ksh 262,000).

The people who had paid for the trip which accommodated even non-church members arrived in Egypt as scheduled to witness the spectacle that are the Pyramids.

But sadly on the day they were supposed to travel to Israel, the group was separated based on a rumor that someone amongst the non-church members wanted to escape.

All the members were bundled in a bus leaving the faithfuls alone.

They were then taken to the Strand Hotel in Jordan where they have been trapped with no freedom or communication...

Their trip to Israel has been cancelled and no refunds or return tickets have been issued
,  leaving them stranded

Efforts to reach their guides have been thwarted.

In leaked WhatsApp messages, those who had paid for the trip are seen complaining that they have been locked up in a hotel in Jordan.

“This is not Godly. This is not humanity,” one of the victims rants in the WhatsApp group.

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 The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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