NOORDIN HAJI must go! GACHAGUA now throws NIS Director under the bus as he asks RUTO to sack him ASAP over the Gen Z revolution

Thursday, June 27, 2024 - Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua criticized National Intelligence Service Director Noordin Haji over the Gen Z protests that turned deadly on Tuesday when protesters breached Parliament security by force.

Speaking during a live press conference, Gachagua threw Haji under the bus, blaming him for the protests.

Gachagua accused Haji of misleading President William Ruto about the severity of the protests.

As a result, he called for the resignation of the NIS boss over what he described as the dissemination of disjointed intelligence to Ruto.

Gachagua claimed that the country has a disjointed intelligence system, insisting that NIS had failed in intelligence gathering, which could have been used to avert the fatal demonstrations on Tuesday.

During the same address, Gachagua disclosed that 13 NIS assistant directors had been removed from the intelligence service.

Gachagua did not mince his words, insisting that Haji bears the most blame for Tuesday's protest due to failing to gather accurate intelligence, which led to Ruto receiving inactionable information.

"We have a dysfunctional NIS that has exposed the government and the people of Kenya. 

"Had the NIS briefed the president two months ago about how the people of Kenya feel about the Finance Bill 2024, so many Kenyans would not have died. 

"There would have been no mayhem, but they slept on the job."

"Noordin Haji must take responsibility for the deaths, mayhem, failing President Ruto and Kenya for not doing his job. 

"He must do the honourable thing, not just taking responsibility but resign," Gachagua stated.


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